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Professional resume:

Nick Whitaker has been an independent acoustic consultant since 1988.

Graduating from Salford University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Electro-acoustics in 1984, via a year as a research assistant at Southampton University ISVR, he was initially employed with Racal Acoustics Ltd as a graduate acoustic design engineer specialising in the design and manufacturing of electro-acoustic devices.

In 1985 he joined Munro Associates as an acoustic consultant/ speaker design engineer, in particular developing the implementation of the then cutting edge TEF10 audio analysis system, and the development of the Klark Teknik and Dynaudio based studio monitoring systems.

The consultancy still specialises in the use of the TEF audio analysis systems - now in the versions TEF20 and TEF25 dual channel systems, capable of both Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) and Maximum Length Sequence (MLS) acoustic analysis.

From 1987~2002 the Nick Whitaker Electro-acoustics acoustic consultancy was associated with, and provided exclusive acoustic design services to Recording Architecture Ltd (design practice) & Black Box Ltd (acoustic finishing products), cumulatively the AAA design group.

The consultancy is also closely associated with Acoustics Noise & Vibration (ANV Measurement Systems Ltd), one of the UK's foremost independent specialists in planning and environmental noise & vibration analysis, & also the main UK agents for the excellent industry standard RION noise analysis equipment range.

Membership of the following professional organisations -

Full Member of the Institute of Acoustics (UK)

Full Member of the Audio Engineering Society (USA)